Double Tenth Day parade

Please join us in the Double Tenth Day parade from Boston Chinatown Gateway to Boston City Hall Plaza to celebrate the 102nd birthday of ROC (Taiwan).

We will be gathering at 11 Hudson Street (outside Happy Family Food Market). Please find TYCCNE banner to join us. The first 15 people joining us at gathering will get our TYCCNE limited t-shirt for FREE ($25 retail price)!!!

Double Tenth Parade Flyer - 2013


WeMeet #8: MBA or Not?

Logo_WeMeet Time: 6:30pm, Thursday, September 26, 2013
MIT Media Lab, room 244
Building E14, 75 Amherst Street
Cambridge, MA

Ever considered whether  you should get an MBA? What are the benefits and costs of an MBA? How  will an MBA help in your intended career path? Deciding whether to  pursue an MBA is an important decision in the minds of many young  professionals, and TYCCNE has invited two experienced speakers to help  answer these questions, and many more.

TYCCNE is honored to  invite Steven Chen and Johnny Kwan as our speakers for this event.  Steven and Johnny are both experienced working professionals who have  completed an MBA, and they will share their experiences and views on the topic “MBA or Not?”. Below is a brief introduction of our speakers.

Steven Chen
VP of Strategy & Business Development

Steven is currently working on a Boston-based startup, OhYouHero,  founded to address the problem of long-term unemployment. The team is  building a business on the belief that nobody who wants to work should  be without work. We are driven by the ideals of self-confidence,  individual empowerment, and community pride.

Prior to  OhYouHero, Steven was a summer MBA intern at The Music Center in Los  Angeles where he worked on the organization’s strategic plan. He began  his career at Cambridge Associates where he worked on internal strategic initiatives and advised foundations, universities, and private clients  ranging in size from $150 million to $3 billion. On the side, Steven has played the violin for over 20 years, is an avid chamber musician, and  currently serves as the assistant concertmaster for the Mercury  Orchestra. He co-founded and is President of Taiwanese American  Professionals – Boston. Furthermore, he believes in the value of  mentorship and works with Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center to help  high school students navigate through the college application process.

Steven earned an AB in economics from Princeton University in 2008, and an MBA from MIT Sloan in 2013.

Johnny Kwan
Managing Consultant
Strategy & Transformation
IBM Global Services

Johnny Kwan is a strategy consultant with IBM Global Services. He helps large and global companies across multiple industries define and  implement web and Intranet strategies and transformation programs  through the use of social business and collaboration technologies. He  has helped large corporations successfully implement large scale  collaboration events and define and refine business processes. He has  over 15 years experience leading and working on full lifecycle projects  starting with planning and requirements gathering through  implementation. During his career at IBM he has also contributed to  authoring white papers, created and led internal online communities, and is a patent holder for an innovative method for staffing resources. He  received his MBA from the University of Michigan in 2001, and his BA  from the University of Pennsylvania in 1991.


WeMeet #7: Intro to Architecture

Logo_WeMeet Time: August 15, 2013 (Thur) 7:00 – 8:30 PM
5 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142

Speaker: Ben Wang, AIA, Principal at Architectural Resources Cambridge

Moderator: Ming-Jen Hsueh, Landscape Architect at Sasaki Associates

Moderator: Zor Lee, Architect at NBBJ

Host: Ellen Kuo, Structural Engineer at SMMA

A building creates an identity in the surrounding environment and represents the vision of its owner and designers. Architects-they transform occupancy needs into conceptual design incorporating all elements and details; coordinate with engineers and designers to issue construction documents complying to codes and regulations; and work with the construction team to erect building structure meeting budget, deadlines and quality standards. The primary role of architects in a project is to act as a leader to coordinate with all disciplines to design and issue documents in a holistic approach. Encompassing all aspects of a project into consideration, architects study building’s functionality and durability, while at the same, integrate aesthetic appeal.

Ben Wang, Principal at Architectural Resources Cambridge, will show you what architects do other than cad drafting and scale-model building. Graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Design in 1976, he has almost 40 years of experience in architecture and is an active member of both American Institute of Architects and Boston Society of Architects. Ben will give us a tour of ARC, share his background and experiences, and present his on-going project- NMR Thai Buddhist Temple in Raynham, MA. To learn more about history, art and key elements of architecture, please join us on Thursday, August 15th. Please visit the Facebook event page and RSVP via to be on the guest list.

TYCCNE July Blood Drive

TYCCNE invites you to the MIT community blood drive on 7/26.  All donors will receive a free TYCCNE t-shirt.  Donors who pre-register before 7/20 will also receive a voucher for the BBQ party following the blood drive.
This blood drive is conveniently located in front of MIT Wood Sailing Pavilion.  It takes about 5-minute walk from Harvard Bridge or 10-minute from Kendall Square T Station. Please come enjoy an afternoon on the scenic bank of Charles River and give back to the community!
This blood drive is co-hosted by Taiwan Youth Chamber of Commerce of New England (TYCCNE) and MIT ROCSA in partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital.  This event is open to the public, and walk-in donors are always welcomed; however, donors with pre-registration will be taken first.
The regular price for the BBQ party is $10 with advance registration and $15 at door. Donors who pre-register before 7/20 will receive a free voucher for the BBQ party.
Time: 1 pm – 6 pm, July 26 (Friday), 2013 (BBQ party starts at 4 pm)
Wood Sailing Pavilion, MIT (Building 51)
134 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139
Contact: Shaoyu Chang
Please view or download the flyer here.

WeMeet #6: Car Talk

Logo_WeMeet Time: June 20, 2013 (Thur) 6:30 – 8:30 PM
UniversityPark Tower (Living Room/Function Room)
100 Landsdowne Street
Cambridge, MA

Michael Kung
Former owner of Oriental Garage (recently retired)

Nai Nan Ko Jr.
Current owner/general manager of Ko Automotive Group

Light refreshment will be provided.

WeMeet #5: Career Option

Logo_WeMeet Time: May 30, 2013 (Thur) 6:30 – 8:30 PM
UniversityPark Tower (Living Room/Function Room)
100 Landsdowne Street
Cambridge, MA

Dr. Jeng-Shin Lee, Chief Scientific Officer at AB Biosciences Center
Gary Chuang, Director of Dermatologic & Cosmetic Surgery Center, Tufts Medical
Eda Chen, Founder, Formosa Market Place
Aone Wang, Co-Founder, PosterSmith/Flyberry Capital
Charles Wang, Principle Software Engineer, Teradyne
Eric Yang, Co-Founder, Berryline
Moderator: Leo Chan, , Senior Scientist, Nexcelom Bioscience LLC / Co-Founder, TofuKungfu,
Host: Aone Wang/Charles Wang

WeMeet #3: Women in Leadership

Logo_WeMeet新英蘭格台灣青年商會驕傲地將於4月2日(周二)晚間6時30分至8時30分,在麻省理工學院斯隆管理學院(MIT Sloan)((E62) 100 Main St Cambridge MA )舉行「女性領導」(Women in Leadership)。主講人是Vertex製藥公司的生物統計主任Mei-Hsiu Ling。職業女性凌博士來與我們分享如何在職場裡有自信的工作,和如何成為一個女性的領導者。活動免費。若要訂便當,可自行上網

Time: April 2, 2013  6:30pm – 8:30pm
Location: MIT Sloan (E62) 100 Main St Cambridge MA 

Moderator: Ying-yu Chen: MIT Sloan
Speaker: Mei-Hsiu Ling: Director of Biometrics


Perspective for innovation in leadership. Questions can be submitted in advance to

1. Is there a glass ceiling for Asian American woman in the corporation? 
2. How do you balance family and career? 
3. What is the significant partner’s role for women leaders?
4. What if people call me bossy?
5. Do I have to be comfortable with power to be in the leadership role?
6. MentorDr. Ling is a Director in Biostatistics at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. She is responsible for the statistical support to the Hepatitis C drug development at Vertex. 

Dr. Ling has over 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. She also has many years of managerial experience including managing a diverse global group of more than 60 people from the US, India and Europe.
She graduated from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan with a B.A. in Math. She has a Ph.D. degree in Statistics from U.C. Berkeley.
Prior to joining Vertex in 2012, she worked for Novartis and Schering Plough (which became Merck).

凌博士是Vertex製藥公司的生物統計主任, 主要是負責C型肝炎藥物臨床試驗的開發。凌博士擁有超過20年的醫藥行業經驗和多年的管理經驗,包括管理一個多元化的全球性組織,60餘人來自美國印度和歐洲。
她畢業於台灣國立清華大學數學系, U.C. 柏克萊分統計博士學位。
在2012年加入Vertex製藥公司之前,她曾在諾華(Novartis)公司和先靈葆雅(Schering Plough).(後成為默克Merck)。


Turning an Idea into a Business and Applying for a Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan

Logo_WorkShopCome and learn from the successful and well-established entrepreneurs — the business strategies, challenges faced as an entrepreneur and what entrepreneur really means for you. Most importantly, how to fuel your business with support form small business association (SBA)
(See 20130309 SBA Flyer V3)

 Time: March 9, 2013  1pm – 4:30pm
 Location: MIT Building 6-120 (Boynton Hall)   182 Memorial Dr Cambridge, MA 02215
Register at

Peter Shih           TECO Economics
Nai-Nan Ko Sr   Founder and Owner of Ko Automotive Group
Mei-Hui Hu        Founder and Owner of Hu Law Office PC
Michael Chang  Founder and CEO of Flyberry Capital
Yiting Lau           Business Development of East West Bank
Ray Milano         Assistant District Director – Economic Development

WeMeet #2: Patent Law

Logo_WeMeet     Time: Friday, March 1, 2013 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
     Location: MIT Media Lab Room E14-244
                        75 Amherst Street
                        Cambridge,  MA 02142

Innovation is often a key driver of success for technology companies, and this is especially true for many startups in the greater Boston area.  How can a startup protect its intellectual property effectively?  What are the pitfalls to avoid?  What is the process of obtaining patents?  What do you do when a competitor accuses you of patent infringement?  The speaker will explain the patent system and provide useful tips for entrepreneurs to start building a strong patent portfolio.

Speaker: Rex Huang
Rex is a patent attorney having more than 10 years of experience at Fish & Richardson, an intellectual property law firm having over 100 years of history.

Moderator: Aithne Pao    
Aithne is a PhD student in media lab at MIT, working to be an entrepreneur one day.

Thanks to our sponsors, WeMeet is free to the general public.
Light refreshment will be provided.

To order bento, please go to
1. 炒年糕 stir fried rice cake with vegetable
2. 排骨饭 fried pork chop over rice
Dishes are prepared by Taipei Gourmet in Lexington
Thanks to Charles for picking them up.