WeMeet #3: Women in Leadership

Logo_WeMeet新英蘭格台灣青年商會驕傲地將於4月2日(周二)晚間6時30分至8時30分,在麻省理工學院斯隆管理學院(MIT Sloan)((E62) 100 Main St Cambridge MA )舉行「女性領導」(Women in Leadership)。主講人是Vertex製藥公司的生物統計主任Mei-Hsiu Ling。職業女性凌博士來與我們分享如何在職場裡有自信的工作,和如何成為一個女性的領導者。活動免費。若要訂便當,可自行上網http://wemeet3.eventbrite.com/

Time: April 2, 2013  6:30pm – 8:30pm
Location: MIT Sloan (E62) 100 Main St Cambridge MA 

Moderator: Ying-yu Chen: MIT Sloan
Speaker: Mei-Hsiu Ling: Director of Biometrics


Perspective for innovation in leadership. Questions can be submitted in advance to lisa.kang@tyccne.org

1. Is there a glass ceiling for Asian American woman in the corporation? 
2. How do you balance family and career? 
3. What is the significant partner’s role for women leaders?
4. What if people call me bossy?
5. Do I have to be comfortable with power to be in the leadership role?
6. MentorDr. Ling is a Director in Biostatistics at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. She is responsible for the statistical support to the Hepatitis C drug development at Vertex. 

Dr. Ling has over 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. She also has many years of managerial experience including managing a diverse global group of more than 60 people from the US, India and Europe.
She graduated from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan with a B.A. in Math. She has a Ph.D. degree in Statistics from U.C. Berkeley.
Prior to joining Vertex in 2012, she worked for Novartis and Schering Plough (which became Merck).

凌博士是Vertex製藥公司的生物統計主任, 主要是負責C型肝炎藥物臨床試驗的開發。凌博士擁有超過20年的醫藥行業經驗和多年的管理經驗,包括管理一個多元化的全球性組織,60餘人來自美國印度和歐洲。
她畢業於台灣國立清華大學數學系, U.C. 柏克萊分統計博士學位。
在2012年加入Vertex製藥公司之前,她曾在諾華(Novartis)公司和先靈葆雅(Schering Plough).(後成為默克Merck)。