WeMeet Series- 《賽德克‧巴萊》與台灣後殖民狀況- [2014年頂尖大學訪問學人學術論壇系列]

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Time: 6:30pm, Thursday, March 20, 2014
MIT Media Lab, room 244
Building E14, 75 Amherst Street
Cambridge, MA


講者李育霖為哈佛大學訪問學者、中興大學台灣文學與跨國文化研究所副教授,主要研究領域包括台灣文學、比較文學、華語電影研究、翻譯研究等。著有專書Writing Taiwan: A Study of Taiwan’s Nativist Literature (2008)、《翻譯閾境

主辦:新英格蘭台灣青年商會 TYCCNE
協辦:駐波士頓臺北經濟文化辦事處教育組 Education Division, TECO / Boston

《 SeeDiq Bale》 is the most famous Taiwanese historical film directed by Wei Te-Sheng and produced by John Woo, based on Wushe Incident that happened in central Taiwan in 1930. This March, we are very honored to invite Dr. Yu-lin Lee, the visiting Taiwanese literature scholar at Harvard University, to be our WeMeet guest speaker. Dr. Lee will bring us back to the Wushe incident and focus on the movie plot an
d its influence on current Taiwanese culture and politics.

Event organization: Taiwan Youth Camber of Commerce of New England (TYCCNE)
Event collaboration: Education Division, Taipei Eco
nomic and Cultural Office in Boston (TECOB) 

SeeDiq Bale and the post colonial Taiwan

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