Zipcar Discount for TYCCNE Members only!!!



As a member of TYCCNE, you are eligible for discounted personal access to Zipcar including reduced Weekday rates, more than half off the annual fee, and exemption from the application fee! Only 3 steps:

  1. Register at
  2. Sponsor $10 dollars for TYCCNE via the confirmation email from
  3. Enjoy the $60 dollars discount at zipcar!!

*If you currently hold a personal Zipcar membership and wish to be added to the member discount, email with your full name and Zip card number.


TYCCNE Weekday driving discount: 

*Please note that this discount does not apply on Weekends or to our $8.25 hourly-only vehicles , 

Premium vehicles, and cargo vans. Discount may adjust due to market (11/2013)* Fees  TYCCNE Employees  Standard members 
Application Fee $0 $25
Annual Membership Fee $25 $60
Weekday Rates Weekday Rates
Hourly Rates $10 flat rate $11 – $15
Daily Rates (24 hour period) $71 flat rate $74 – $120
7am – 7pm rate $61 NA

For mor questions, please contact